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Mavericks Awards is dedicated to celebrating and recognizing the best big wave surfers in the world.

Mavericks Awards

Big Wave

Our mission is to create an exciting and inspiring platform for big wave surfers to showcase their skills, courage, and passion for the sport. We strive to create an engaging environment that connects surfers, fans, and sponsors alike, while also honoring the legacy of Mavericks and its iconic waves. We are proud to empower and inspire the surfing community to take on the biggest waves, and to make Mavericks the premier destination for big wave surfing.



Here are the nominee’s for the 2023 Mavericks Awards.

2022/2023 Nominees



These are the talented men and women who braved Mavericks last season and were selected as the best for 2022.

Performer of the Year (Male)

Biggest Wave (Male)
Best Ride (Male)

Performer of the Year (Female)

Biggest Wave (Female)
Best Ride (Female)
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